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When most people think of Tantra, they think of the Kama Sutra and a host of About tantra home sex positions that seem unattainable even to the well practiced yogi. Many think Tantra is all about sex. So sexuality obviously falls under this broad category. Tantra is connection, About tantra home and conscious relating to ones self and to another. Tantra combines About tantra home and sexuality as a platform to deepen into self-understanding and empowermentand is a sacred path walked by many. Living a Tantric life unveils gateways to balancing and integrating our masculine and feminine energies, in order to feel whole again. To feel connected to our truth and infused with copious amounts of love and acceptance. A Tantric life allows one to see the divine and sacred in every living being and experience. Exploring About tantra home also creates space to shine light and heal shame, guilt and suppression — embedded in our society around our sexuality, where the seat of our personal power and creative gifts lie. Bringing Tantra into your life means inviting in more love and presence. And yes, this includes your sex life as well. Below are six tips on how to infuse the sacred in the bedroom and awaken the Tantric Lover within:. Shift your perception from "having sex" to "making love and co-creating with the divine. Create an altar in your bedroom with things that are special to you both; things that support the growth of each other and the highest Meeting people for sex of all. Add special photos of the two of you, sacred About tantra home or other objects About tantra home manifestation purposes. About tantra home candles and burn incense. Sex meet in carlisle massachusetts a beautiful, nurturing and sensual space. Before engaging in love...

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My friend Sean recently wowed me by casually mentioning that he had just attended a three-day tantric sex workshop where the end goal was, well, for no end goal. It gives you so much energy! Instead, you attempt to prolong the act, increasing potent sexual energy and intimacy with your partner. Tantric practices and techniques offer the opportunity to not only enhance your love life but to increase your health, too. You will learn about creating the setting, connecting with your breath as well as your eyes, and the power of taking it slow. This should be a comfortable area that is playful and relaxed. First, clear the room of any attention-grabbing clutter. Next, decorate with flowers, candles and cozy fabrics. Scent is really important to our sensuality , so try natural oils like jasmine, ylang-ylang, or rose. Make sure your bed is as comfortable as possible with soft sheets and a number of pillows. Lastly, chose a soundtrack of music that you both like. Play it softly in the background to enhance your mood. Harmonizing your breath is one of the easiest ways to sync with your partner. As you exhale, consciously attempt to energize the breath. Move toward this idea as an intention rather than a rule and be amazed as the collection of glimpses that will reshape how you think about your partner and yourself. It is not easy to be seen, even by the people we love. Truly witnessing the act of love is profoundly transformative. Sorry guys, foreplay is essential in Tantra. The longer you linger in this process of building energy, the longer your session will last and the more energy you will build. Use this time to fully focus on each other. As in meditation, when your thoughts wander, gently guide your attention...

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Welcome to this site with all information about Tantra. Please use the tags on the right and in the article menu to find interesting articles. Yoga and Tantra form the primordial core of the Indian spiritual tradition, a foundation deeply connected to universal philosophies. Much has been written and discussed regarding these studies, but due to their profoundness and hidden symbolism they remain opaque. A secret throughout the centuries, Tantra remains diffuse, mysterious and puzzling yet constantly present in the diversity of yoga techniques, especially in its Tibetan forms. With a determined investigation, it presents a genuine science of man where cosmic forces mingle with physiology, psychology, magic and spiritualism. Tantra offers a practical, multi-leveled vision of the human being, a unified theory that explains the most intimate aspects of man's behavior which have evaded current research. A detailed, sincere study and practice of Tantra would contribute to the enrichment of contemporary science and psychology in a manner not as yet conceived. Tantrism recognizes in Kundalini the source of a mysterious energy -- an energy still not properly defined by modern science but of paramount importance for a complete spiritual emancipation. If we add that the Ageless Wisdom defines Tantra as the spiritual system best adapted to our era of Kali Yuga, where spirituality is declining even as man and woman are desperately trying to reintegrate themselves into a creative and spiritual cosmic center, we realize the significance of these techniques. Today we are bound to an "objective" knowledge which is becoming more and more mechanical and inhuman. Abstract thinking is linked less and less to real life yet it defines most of our activities. Therefore, it is absolutely necessary to practice Tantra, a highly accurate, subjective knowledge which is accessible to everyone, through personal experience and validation. Tantra envisions...

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Stone Mountain, GA, So, what exactly is tantra? Tantra as it is seen in the West is very different from the original ways it was practiced. It is essentially a tradition in which awakening is pursued through embodiment vs. In the West it has been mostly pursued for its emphasis on using sexual union as one of the vehicles to awakening enlightenment. In reality, only a small portion of tantra has anything to do with sex, and only as a way to merge with the divine. There is a much larger tantric discipline that deals with allowing all feelings to be met with equal acceptance, and for each person to become deeply sensitive to what they are feeling. Subsequently, they are then able to feel others and their needs. Sessions are individualized depending on what the person or couple needs. These days I mostly teach groups. Both in sessions and workshops there is no sexually explicit touching, no nudity and strict rules to ensure safety and maximum freedom in applying the techniques used. All the practices I teach are energetic in nature and can be done fully clothed. In personal sessions I might give the couple homework and assignments. In workshops I teach how to create intimacy and how to revive or increase sexual chemistry. Do people come to you to experience more pleasure? Some people have traumatic, habitual, societal or other closures in their body that prevent them from experiencing pleasure. Some people just have not experienced pleasure yet. Some people want to enhance the intimacy, connection, and pleasure they have. We mostly see what our parents do and then fumble through our first few relationships. Life these days is increasingly disconnected and often the emphasis in relationships is on making money or raising kids—intimacy only becomes a...

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About Tantra. Sentient beings have many different capacities for spiritual understanding and practice. For this reason, out of his compassion, Buddha. Mention tantra, and you'll probably get the response that having sex for seven More and more women these days work out of the home—and as a matter of. Nov 17, - How to transform your life with tantra at home among all of our challenges and joys of everyday living!

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