Feeding practices cultural

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#1 Feeding practices cultural

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Feeding practices cultural

Breastfeeding is a gift from mother to child and has a wide range of positive health, social and cultural impacts on infants. The link between bottle feeding and the prevalence of early childhood caries ECC is well documented. Scorpio men sex drive Aboriginal communities, the higher rates of ECC are linked with low rates of breast feeding and inappropriate infant feeding of high sugar content liquids. The Baby Teeth Talk Study BTT is one project that is exploring the use of four interventions motivational interviewing, anticipatory guidance, fluoride varnish and dental care to expectant mothers for reducing the prevalence of ECC in infants within Aboriginal communities. This research explored cultural based practices through individual interviews and focus Feediny with older First Nations women in the community. Participants in a First Nations community identified cultural based practices that have also been used to promote healthy infant feeding and good oral health. A wide range of themes related to oral health and infant feeding emerged. However, this cultjral focusses on three themes including: The importance of understanding cultural health traditions is essential for those working in oral public health capacities to ensure there is community acceptance of the interventions. Breastfeeding is a gift from mother to child and considered the ideal food for infants, providing more than nutritional sustenance. The link between breastfeeding and reduced chance of early childhood caries ECCas well as a range of other health issues for children, is well known. Research has demonstrated that infants who are breastfed have fewer respiratory tract [ 12 ] and ear infections [ 3 ], diarrheal Amazing xxx free hardcore illnesses [ 4 ], and asthma [ 5 ]. ECC are a significant concern and chronic condition amongst Aboriginal populations worldwide. Infant feeding traditions such as breastfeeding in Aboriginal communities...

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However, when mothers move to a more developed country there is often a decline in this practice, usually due to acculturation. This project examined the role of culture in infant feeding practices among Hispanic mothers. To identify the perceptions and practices of infant feeding, a survey was mailed to Hispanic mothers and WIC counselors in Central Washington and Southern Idaho. Seventy seven Hispanic mothers and 29 WIC counselors responded. The biggest concern stated by the counselors was that Hispanic women have several traditional beliefs based on mistaken information, such as the belief that mothers can't produce milk if they are upset or that introducing solid food early will help infants get full. Other beliefs included the practice of feeding the baby Karo water to alleviate constipation, and the need to express and discard the first milk because it is considered bad milk. A survey in Spanish was developed for the Hispanic mothers. Their answers corresponded to those of the counselors. However, many weaned their babies before 6 months. Some of the Hispanic mothers had concerns and questions, including how to hold the baby while breastfeeding and how long to breastfeed. The mothers also revealed that they are often embarrassed and shy to discuss breastfeeding issues. WIC provides excellent information about breastfeeding to new mothers. However, many of the Hispanic mothers only speak Spanish and there are few interpreters in the WIC offices. Therefore, this project developed an informational web site in both Spanish and English, with printable handouts that WIC counselors can provide to their Hispanic clients. The problems and misinformation identified in this study are addressed. The web site also provides links to other Spanish websites that contain information on breastfeeding. The counselors reviewed and provided feedback for this site. The website address is: Impacts WIC dietitians are now...

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Feeding practices cultural

Infant Feeding Practices as Personal and Cultural Constructions

Apr 1, - Purpose: To ascertain knowledge and cultural attitudes about breastfeeding and to compare infant feeding practices among experienced. How do infant feeding practices reflect the cultural values, practices, and aims of mothers? To attempt to explore the various dynamics of this question, this thesis. Link to Journal article from Pediatrics in Review (Authors: Pak-Gorstein, Haq, Graham), used with permission.

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