Funny asian babies

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#1 Funny asian babies

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Funny asian babies

Back in college, I used to know a fine fellow called Hariharan popular Indian name after a Godor Hari for short. The hours I spent ssian fun of his name, it could have got me into Harvard had I used it wisely! I shamelessly made fun of him so much. Now this brings me Fubny the point, why for the life of you, would a parent give funny Asian names to children? Darriah Funny asian babies popular Indian name — Yes we all do not know how to spell diarrhea, but it sure sounds like that! Hardick a Hindi name — try splitting the word in half. Funny asian babies, do you expect the poor child not to be fat? Good thing FB was not a short fad. Justin Case - Err, "just in case" you're wondering--this list is a "not-to-name-your-kid-with-these-names-list. So, don't get inspired. Jo King -- Seriously? Will Power -- You got to love this one. He will go Funny asian babies in life but first, your family name must be "Power". The list Funny asian babies keep Funnu on and on. Parents can and must play a huge role here. Avoid the fanciful Mediterranean name if you eat roti prata and chicken rice consistently. We azian all remember when the teacher Guidance for accreditation of nurses ce out the names from the register in secondary school and pauses ever so often, stumped by fancy or simply long names. Friends Funny asian babies told me that naming their child is an operation similar to organising a National Day Parade. For crying out loud, every National Day Parade looks the same each year! How about staging one that is pure, simple yet meaningful? Now people would truly appreciate that and remember that particular parade. Do also remember that...

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Yellow on the outside, white on the inside. Bananame Asians "Banana" and "anime. Filipinos, who are fixated on Japanese pop culture anime, music, etc. Bed Time Asians Reference to their eyes. Buddhahead Asians A lot of Asians are Buddhists. Bukkakese Asians Reference to the popular Bukkake fetish. Can'ardly Asians They can'ardly see, originated in Australia. Ching-Chong Asians Typically used by schoolchildren in a derogatory manner towards Asian people. Or could also refer to the sound of someone working on a railroad, which Chinese immigrants helped build in 's America. Technically should only refer to Chinese, but used for all Asians. Coolie Asians Term for unskilled Chinese workers, especially on U. Data Asians From the move "The Goonies. Based on the idea that being Asian and driving is just as dangerous as being intoxicated and driving. Egghead Asians Asians, especially Koreans, have large heads. Eggroll Asians Refers to Asian babies who would be wrapped in blankets. Japanigger Asians Describes Asians of unknown origin. Jin Asians Asian people who try to act Black and use the slang, etc. Jin is the name of a Chinese rapper link. Junta Asians known as the ones who spend there time hanging round by the arcades thinking they are all hard Knees Asians Japanese, chinese, vietnamese, ect. Reference to the suffix "nese. Lemonhead Asians Skin color. The association with the city and asian people in general has stuck. Refers mainly to Japanese. Meat Pie Asians "Yellow on the outside, black on the inside. Ng is a very common Asian surname that is considered goofy and is used derogatorily. Nikon Asians Popular brand of camera. Asian tourists are known to take a lot of photographs. Nine Iron Asians Golf club with a dramatic degree of loft, ostensibly resembling stereotypical Asian 'slanted' eyes. Ornamental Asians From Oriental. P-1...

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Funny asian babies

Funny Asian Names popular with South Asians

Excited to name your child? Look out for these funny Asian names that may or may not be well-thought out. Funny baby names in Asia and Singapore. Technically should only refer to Chinese, but used for all Asians. Chinkerbell Eggroll · Asians, Refers to Asian babies who would be wrapped in blankets. May 21, - Cute happy smiling Asian baby infant feeding NATI PANDECH/ green peas. Check out 25 more funny baby pictures that will make your day.

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