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#1 Gay wedding planning advice

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Gay wedding planning advice

I was a child of divorce, which made me stand Treynor mazuy model in my conservative Midwest hometown. I was also gay and the minute I realized that, my dreams of having the chance of a marriage — much less the wedding of my dreams — pretty much disappeared. A lot of Breast cancer milk feeding women have their dream weddings in mind even before they necessarily find their spouse. I had no idea getting married to the man of my dreams could ever be a possibility. I lived in an area of the country Alabama riding school I had never met a long-term gay couple until I was 19 years old. A long-term advife blew my mind, so the possibility of marriage seemed Ja rule sex tape alien to me. Today, queer people have more rights in the United States than I ever thought possible. I can have a partner, Tilla the model everyone else. I can have a family like everyone else. For someone, like myself, who has wexding most of my life dismissing the idea that Gay wedding planning advice would adcice get hitched, writing an article about planning your perfect gay wedding might have proved daunting. Being a party producer for a decade allowed me to work and create more than weddings during my tenure. Working and aadvice each and every one of these unions gave me different opportunities to see weddings from all planing of angles. At the same time, it has given me plenty of advice and insight for LGBT advics looking to tie the knot. While this can be done side by side — as in sitting together at the same table — it should not be a shared activity. Give each other the time and space you...

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At the end, all the hard work will pay off! You can both walk down the aisle together, or do it one by one. With the right venue set up, you can also walk down separate aisles simultaneously, joining one another at the altar. You can also choose whether you would like to have a bouquet and if so who throws it, or if you want to throw it together. Some couples choose to not have a bridal party at all and keep the ceremony just about the happy couple. When you and your partner are planning your guest list, you want to be sure to invite only people you really want at your wedding. First and foremost, invite those who are most important to you. You may feel pressured to include distant family or friends of your parents but if you decide to keep your wedding relatively small, it is perfectly understandable to leave those groups out. When creating your guest list, keep in mind your budget. The more guests attending, the pricier the celebration. If you want to keep your guest list small but budget is not an issue, you may also consider a destination wedding, however keep in mind that this may prohibit some of the guests you do want there from attending. When searching for your perfect wedding venue, we recommend making it clear from the get-go that you are having a same-sex wedding. If you have specific vendors you are interested in, approach them first. If you are starting with a blank slate, perhaps do research on some of the most loved LGBTQ-friendly vendors in your area. You want to be sure you are in good hands with your wedding vendors so finding professionals that you are comfortable with is key. That will help make...

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Steven Petrow, or as he is frequently referred to, Mr. Manners, has written several books on etiquette in general, from politics and dinner parties, to weddings. Soak in his knowledge below! Still, many long-partnered couples 'propose' mutually. Gay men will commonly each wear one band for the engagement, take them off before the wedding, and exchange those same rings for wedding rings at the ceremony," he explains. So what about wording the invites? The answer is pretty simple: This one gets a little tricky when the traditional bride-groom dynamic isn't present. But when it comes down to it, Petrow says that it's really about personal preference: Or couples walk in together—with their dogs of course! Petrow reccomends that you talk with your officiant about this one. Petrow tells us that it's probably a good idea to talk with your guests about the wedding day beforehand. It's never a bad idea to talk through the day with friends and family, offering details about how it's going to work. The important thing to remember is that traditional stereotypes don't apply. If one woman takes another's name, it doesn't mean she's in the 'wife' role. The Proposal "There is no such rule per se as to which member of a same-sex couple proposes," says Petrow. The Invitations So what about wording the invites? The Processional This one gets a little tricky when the traditional bride-groom dynamic isn't present. The Expectations Petrow tells us that it's probably a good idea to talk with your guests about the wedding day beforehand. The Names "By far the majority of same-sex couples each keep their own names," Petrow says.

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Wedding planning is stressful enough. It gets even more confusing when most of the advice out there revolves around a bride and groom—and you're both one of the above. To help you out, we pulled together reality-tested, sanity-saving advice for navigating the same-sex wedding planning waters. Who says a woman has to have maids of honor and only guys get to nominate best men? Choose the attendants you want up at the altar with you—whatever sex they are—and name them accordingly. If you're two men planning to wear tuxes or suits, finding what you want is pretty simple. Not so much if you're a bride who doesn't want to wear a gown. And here's a smart tip if you and your wife-to-be are both sporting dresses that you're not showing to each other in advance: They can steer your partner in the right direction so you and your future bride aren't clashing in formality, style or color. Can't visualize what your invitations, vows or any other part of your wedding should look like? That's what Pinterest is for. The Knot, for instance, has its own board chock-full of same-sex wedding inspiration , plus tons of real wedding photos and galleries featuring genius ideas. Many traditional wedding ceremonies feature a groom waiting at the altar for his bride to walk toward him down the aisle. So what happens if you've got two grooms or two brides? It totally depends on what you and your partner feel comfortable with. There's no reason you have to forego a bash with your best buds just because you're both bachelors or bachelorettes. So go ahead and plan your own celebration, whether it's a weekend in Vegas or a trip to a vineyard, and even your own showers if you have different ideas about who should...

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Posted on February 19, by Today's Bride. Same-sex marriages have been legal in the United States since From who proposes to changing your name, and showers to walking down the aisle, we have answers and advice for planning your same-sex wedding. Choose wedding vendors who you feel comfortable talking to. You want to hire someone who you can share your ideas and vision without feeling judged. For a same-sex couple, it can be a challenge finding vendors who will work a same-sex wedding. There are a few ways to spot vendors who are open to same-sex wedding before even contacting them. One investment that will be worth it is hiring a wedding consultant. He or she has worked with hundreds of vendors before that s he can refer. It also means s he can most likely get you some discounts! Check out these other benefits to hiring a wedding planner! Before scheduling a meeting with a potential vendor, check out their reviews. You may find an experience from another same-sex couple. Their review can let you know how the initial meeting went, whether they ended up booking them, and whether or not the vendor is same-sex-inclusive. You can also look at their previous work to see if they showcase any same-sex weddings on their portfolio or website. Finally, read their website and marketing literature. These phrases can guide you toward a vendor who will make your wedding more enjoyable for you. Hyphenate both of your last names, or merge them together to make a completely unique new name! Walk down the aisle arm in arm or start on opposite sides of the ceremony space and meet in the middle. Throw a shower where you both attend or have separate parties. The rules are up to you to create. Above...

Gay wedding planning advice

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Sep 24, - Weddings require a lot of preparation and sometimes same-sex weddings require even more. Check out these tips to keep in mind as you plan. Apr 3, - Still, couples planning same-sex weddings might want gender-specific advice and inspiration for their ceremonies and receptions, which is why. Nov 30, - If you want to plan a gay wedding, this is the guide you need. Answers and advice on everything from invitations and budgets to seating charts.

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