Humtum cartoon strips

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#1 Humtum cartoon strips

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Humtum cartoon strips

Hi vijay you make me laugh!!!! Humtum cartoon strips great teem family work I enjoyed this a lot long back, didnt know its created by you and your wife: Thank you for sharing, Great stuff!! So inspirational as always, These are great. Love all the variation! I am such Humtum cartoon strips fan of the movie and loved your cartoons so much. I had no idea they were a real comic strip until recently. I write Humtum cartoon strips Bollywood blog where I review the films I watch, and I would like to add a link to your page on my review of Hum Tum. I hope it is okay with you. Friday, February 12, hum tum cartoon strips. This is some of my old work I am sharing with you. These characters come to life through animation and take the film forward in a unique way. Small jokes are there in these cartoon strips, it was really great fun to work with Yash Raj Team members specially with Anand Gurnani from Yash Raj Films, who helped us lot to developed this content. I hope you will enjoy it. Posted by Vijay B. Ganesh Kotale Humtum cartoon strips 18, at Anonymous December 30, at 9: Nitin Dang August 9, Humtum cartoon strips Newer Post Older Post Home. About Me Fotos robadas sexo B. Raibole View my complete profile. Feedjit Feedjit Busty beautiful asian women pictures Blog Stats.

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Humtum cartoon strips

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Hum (meaning Me / We) Tum (meaning You) cartoon strips by Yashraj films were meant primarily for promotion of their movie – Hum Tum – which hit the. Feb 12, - We (me and my wife) have done the entire art for the 'HUM TUM Cartoon Strip Series' campaign, which was published in “The Times Of India”. And now som HUMTUM comic strips Here'z a bit bout HUMTUM, hope u juz don't like it, but u love it. Coz' it's alwayz HUMTUM.

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