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#1 Husband and wife fantasies forums

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Husband and wife fantasies forums

By toddjohn on Sep 6, at 1: I often fantasize about wife Psychostick orgasm equals love love to another man. There have been many love Vintage hibachi grill sessions between my wife and I, in which during the sessions we have whispered to each other, fantasies of her making love to a secret lover. The fantasy-whispering has enhanced her orgasms to an experience that's favorable and indescribable with words; and I enjoy witnessing and experiencing her orgasms. Over the plus years of marriage, there have been a few occasions that we have successfully turned fantasy into reality. I never participate in the actual fantasy-affairs. My wife would share her experience with her lover later. My reward was hearing the hot stories of the leading up to the sex and sexual act. My wife decided she Husband and wife fantasies forums to quit with the fantasies. There were no unfavorable experiences or situations. Nonetheless, I continue to have these fantasies of my wife with another man. Does the fantasy of a husband wanting his wife to have an affair common? This is a pretty common fantasy and it sounds like the two of you have had really healthy and AWESOME experiences with communicating the fantasy with one another, and acting on it. This is not "weird" at all, and I encourage you to keep exploring your fantasies with your wife and having those mind-blowing orgasms! Yes very common -- fantasies about our partners with somebody else are amongst the most common fantasies for men and women. Definitely encourage your wife to continue to be creative within the safe-zone you've created together. The brain is the biggest sex organ, so keep stimulating it! I've had the same fantasy as did a friend and my brother. The common denomenator was we...

#2 Butt plug prank phone call

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Butt plug prank phone call

Login or Sign Up. Search in titles only Search in Sex only Search. Vote on the New WH Logo! We need YOUR help! Everyone, we need YOUR help! Take a moment to cast your vote on the new WH logo! This topic is closed. Previous 1 2 3 template Next. My husband's fantasy , Last night my husband and I were having sex to celebrate Valentine's Day. During intercourse he confided to me that he fantasizes about me having sex with another man. As he told me this, he seemed rather embarrassed and asked me if I thought he was weird. I told him I didn't. I even played along with his fantasy. As he continued thrusting into me, he asked me how much I enjoyed having sex with my [fictional] "boyfriend" and I proceeded to tell him that it was great. He ejaculated right after that. He said it was one of the best orgasms he's had in awhile. He also told me that his fantasy is such that he's trying to "win" me back from other men. Sometimes when I'm wetter than usual, he says he pretends that he's having my "boyfriend's" sloppy seconds. He gets really turned on by the idea of another man trying to impregnate me too. Personally, I'm not terribly bothered by it. I'm glad that he's being open with me. I must admit too that I'm a bit turned on by it. Last night he masturbated in front of me before intercourse, something which definitely turns me on I think this is because we mutually agreed to stop masturbating and he's just hornier. After intercourse, he was the dutiful husband and went down on me to "clean up" after himself. We're both redheads, so maybe that's why we both have such high...

#3 Free forced sex adult games

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Free forced sex adult games

MMF fantasy pushing limits. Hello, I'm a male, but thought posting in this forum would give me some perspective into the female thought process on this subject. I have been with my wife for close to 18 years, married for WE have had a typical marriage of ups and downs, but for the most part our sex life has remained very active and enjoyable for both! As has the emotional part. We are very good at communication. Over the last six months we have been fantasizing about having a MMF threesome. A common thread among couples who have been together as long as we have. This is something that when we talk about during sex mutually turns us both on. I am straight, so the excitement derives from me more or less enjoying the sight of my wife being pleasured by another man. She works hard with her job and is a wonderful mother, and I have always wanted her to experience all that life has to offer. Now mind you, we have awesome sex, where she'll hit climax anywhere from times a session. But to see her have a change of pace, something fresh and new, while enjoyed in my company I thought would be a treat for us. I decided to see where this would go, and introduced an acquaintance of mine to my wife via email. She had never met him. I told him to email her and flirt with her all in good fun. She works from home, stays at home, and has little male interaction in her life so I thought this would be a good way for her to get charged up. Well I was right. She asked of course if she could email him back and I agreed, and for the next...

#4 Vintage bicycle index shifting

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Vintage bicycle index shifting

A comment in the "dumb" thread stuck out to me. A poster stated that another poster was delusional if she thought her husband didn't fantasize about other women. Paraphrasing, she said that the other poster's husband may not do anything physically, but he definitely thinks about sex with other women. I had zero opinion one way or the other regarding that thread and I haven't read the thread that it was apparently a spinoff of , but that comment stuck out to me because I don't think it's a given that husbands fantasize about other women. I know my husband well, and I believe that he does not fantasize about other women. I know that he thinks Natalie Portman is particularly beautiful, but I don't think he actually fantasizes about her. Do you think that I am naive here, or do you believe that some men really do not fantasize about having sex with other women? I think you are naive, but I think it is possible that there are men that don't fantasize about other women. But I think those men aren't fantasizing about their wives either. And then there are men that don't fantasize about women at all, they fantasize about other men. Hopefully your husband isn't fantasizing about other men. Men don't fantasize about every woman they find attractive. There just aren't enough hours in the day for that. I don't think DH does, because he is not an incredibly sexually driven person. I think it also depends on your definition of fantasizing. I may have a passing thought about a man's physical attractiveness, but I don't linger there. I deliberately do not think about being with any man other than my husband, and I think he is the same. And yes, we are Christians, but not...

#5 Nebraska sex girls

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Nebraska sex girls

I love seeing my being pleased by another man. To see the joy in her eyes when he is licking her pussy, and fucking it. This is something that we both want. But something that should be talked about before you down to doing it. And it is not something we every week-end. We can have a guy over and then talk about it for a long time after. Most the time I leave it up to her when it is going to happen again. I am also so we both have fun and she loves watching me also, so it works out real well. We don't do it very often, not nearly as much as he would like, because I am pretty particular about guys, but when I do it, he absolutely goes nuts for it. He has to fuck me like 4 times a day after for a few weeks lol. Guys make a face and tell me I'm weird when i tell them how much I like to go down on my partner when I cum inside her, but that's my cum. I know I couldn't handle doing it with someone elses inside you. She calmed down a bit and said she would not do that ever. She kept asking me why? I then told her, I wanted to see her get fucked by an uncircumcised guy, then silence for about ten minutes, I did not know what to think? I new right then she wanted to do this, she has never been with an uncut guy before. When we were younger, she used to say that uncirc penises are grose, she never even seen one before. I noticed one night when we were watching porn, she was in the kitchen, and a seen with mark davis...

Husband and wife fantasies forums

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I am a Husband who have same fantasy that your husband has. I think my wife knows my sex fantasy only 40% and hope % and take a  Cant stop fantasizing about married man. Paraphrasing, she said that the other poster's husband may not do anything But I think those men aren't fantasizing about their wives mesy.infotely OT. Attracted to husbands friend. - May Babies. Apr 8, - Hello, I'm a male, but thought posting in this forum would give me some I have been with my wife for close to 18 years, married for

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