Ingredients id millenium lube

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#1 Ingredients id millenium lube

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Ingredients id millenium lube

If I had to choose only one lube to be stranded on a deserted island with for the next 1, years, I would emphatically and confidently choose to bring along my new bottle of ID Millennium. But, my once steadfast allegiance to this all-mighty lube has been significantly altered since my latest experience involving ID Millennium. It just goes to show that an open mind and a willingness to explore does pay off. The length in which this lube lasts is pretty darn awe-inspiring, as is the slippery and Ingredients id millenium lube coating it provides Ingredoents whatever kind of genitalia you have. Luckily, no shards or cracks arose from this dildo fumble incident, and play time was able to resume quite quickly. My partner was equally Bangkok sex nightlife pleased with this product and was sure to note which brand and type of lube we were using for future consumer reference. ID Millennium only has three ingredients which are: Simply put, this lube is pure silicone, with no extraneous fillers or additives. These high quality ingredients make this lube perfectly safe for Ingrefients with latex and non-latex condoms. I Ingredients id millenium lube also less concerned than normal about leaving behind any tell-tale lube stainsIngredients id millenium lube we lune staying at a hotel sorry, housekeeping! When I used this product Ingredients id millenium lube at home, I laid out a towel and that prevented any silicone lube stains from forming. I definitely recommend this precaution, especially if you have a microsuede couch. After using the silicon based lube I will never go back to the water based sticky lubes. My only complaint with this brand is the cap design makes it difficult to open when slippery. Milldnium thoroughly Excessive ejaculation aging this review of Millennium lube....

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Ingredients id millenium lube

Longest Lasting Slip!

ID Millennium Pure Silicone Personal Lubricant at Walgreens. Get free shipping at $35 and view promotions and reviews for ID Millennium Pure Ingredients. Mar 11, - Like the Millennium Falcon, ID Millennium lubricant is beyond long-lasting and up for any job. With just three ingredients this condom-safe. ID Millennium is latex-friendly and will stay slick even under water. The ID Millennium personal lubricant formula is a popular premium personal lube. Buy now!

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