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#1 Iraqi teen life

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Iraqi teen life

My name is Ann, I am 14 years old, and for as long as I can remember my country has been at Model management hong kong. I was born in October of ; we entered Afghanistan in October of I was a few weeks away from turning four, and my memories of that time are few and hazy. For all intents and purposes, I have lived my life in this fight. At the same time, though, my childhood was, scarily, pretty disattached from the wars. Never before in history have we had this kind of a war: Never before has America been in a war where, instead of pulling together and doing everything possible to support our troops, we lowered taxes on the rich and ignored the war in most of our political discussions. We have little opportunity to learn more, and frankly, this terrifies me. Yes, we have pulled out from Iraqand the end is in sight in Afghanistan, but the damage has already Brothels for sale done. I have lain awake Le ore porno night, sometimes, trying to conceive of what my world would be like without war in it. But then what did you do? You mean you just went through the scanners with them on? I know that we are maybe losing this thing called the War on Terror, except nobody really knows what it is. I also know about IEDs, and rocket-propelled grenades, and drone strikes. I know about the Taliban, and Bin Laden, and Al Quada — names that in any other context could be toy brands, car manufacturers, friends. Mostly, though, I worry about how my generation will act when we grow up. Having seen the images of explosions and legless men and women, having watched the mushroom cloud of...

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T athamon Abdel Mohsen, 39, sits on a chair beside a grey concrete wall alongside her brother-in-law and aunt. She wears a thin yellow headscarf, her cousin is dressed in a white dishdasha and their year-old aunt is wearing a black chador that encases her face in what seems to be permanent grief. Her two young girls, Anis, 14, and Aseel, 10, play in summer frocks on the floor, half focusing on a large television. As we begin to chat with the family, a lion is throttling a wildebeest to the right while, closer to the girls, Jerry is being accosted by a mallet-wielding Tom. The children don't know where to look, and nor do we. But nevertheless, it seems an appropriate point to start talking about life in Iraq. For this family and many others, the last 11 years since the US-led invasion have also meant adapting to jungle rules and avoiding the man with the big stick. And, as a country ravaged by three wars in 30 years, a decade of sanctions and seemingly never-ending upheaval enters yet another crisis, another well-learned lesson is being reaffirmed. The house the family shares with relatives — eight in total — is a simple, narrow, two-storey structure in the eastern Baghdad suburb of Balidyat. They have rented here for the past eight years; they feel that while renting a home like this they will never be settled. It is devoid of the clutter of sentiment of a family home: Upstairs, two sisters, the girls' great aunts, hide in one of three bedrooms, too shy to meet visitors. A spare room on the lower level is unfurnished, with three frayed, red carpets covering the cement. The pendulum of an old clock swings in melancholy rhythm. By Iraqi standards, the family is comfortably...

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Abbas is one of 54 teenagers Kurdish authorities are trying to de-radicalise at a reform center in the northern city of Dohuk for youths and women suspected of aiding Islamic State. Reuters was given exclusive access to the facility and allowed to speak with Abbas, another year-old boy and two adult women, all in the presence of interrogators. All four prisoners denied that they wilfully supported the fighters, and said Islamic State had put pressure on them to cooperate. He spent 18 days at an Islamic State training center in Mosul for religious indoctrination. My sister and brothers are sick; I could not leave them. I quit after 15 days. Eventually Islamic State alienated Mosul with its beheadings and shootings of opponents and public whippings of people for enjoying simple pleasures like smoking or watching television. But once the city falls, Iraqi authorities fear the group will go underground and mount an insurgency. De-radicalisation programs are seen as a tool to reduce further security threats. Bishra Abdullah, a year-old woman also undergoing de-radicalisation at the Dohuk center, said Islamic State fighters had come to the family home, taken her year-old daughter and married her off to a militant for two months. The teenagers at the Dohuk center are confined in groups of about 20 to a room with bunk beds and blankets. Above their beds are photographs of Kurdish leaders, people that Islamic State describes as infidels who deserve to die. Ghaith Rajeb, a subdued year-old who slurs his words, said he felt joining Islamic State was the only option as the militants jailed hundreds of people and forced others to pray and listen to fiery mosque sermons condemning non-Sunnis. He too manned a checkpoint, where he was told to keep a close eye out for anyone who collaborated against...

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The two were showing off photographs of their glory days as teenage Muay Thai competition fighters in Ramadi. That was before Islamic State extremists stormed across vast strips of western Iraq, seizing their home and burning everything inside it. Like thousands of Iraqi Sunnis, Hazem and his brother refused to join the Sunni-dominated extremists. Hazem, his mother, sister, and two brothers, one of whom is disabled, now live crowded into one room of a rundown hotel in Kurdistan packed with displaced Sunni families. Their new home, Shaqlawa, is a Kurdish town built in a small valley whose urban sprawl has edged into the hillsides. Cafes with red plastic chairs are full of Kurdish men drinking coffee and smoking. Nearby shops sell cheap fabric and discount merchandise. But Hazem said that while displaced Arab-speaking Sunnis are tolerated, they not liked by the ethnic Kurds. It was almost 48 degrees Celcius outside, and a small white fan connected to web of wires barely pushed the hot, heavy air around. But with multiple displaced and refugee crises in the region, donor money to cope with the problem is limited. Merkx said in international funding had dwindled, making medium and long-term support for people like Hazem much more difficult. Kurdistan, a region of only five million people, has accepted about 1. Without more help, he said, those displaced could soon join the wave of migrants looking for help in Europe. But as the conflict in Iraq drags on, those families are running out of cash. An increasing number are asking to get admitted into the hundreds of aid agency-run camps around Kurdistan. Roughly half of the 4, people living in Baharka are teenagers. Hala, a dark-haired girl of 13, arrived at the camp about a year ago after escaping the Islamic State onslaught on...

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Iraqi teen life

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