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#1 Mazda collector car models

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Mazda collector car models

An old tram shed, in fact. Mazda collector car models we asked the Augsburg Burgermeister if there was a place we could put a museum. The company produced a line of three-wheeled pick-ups from Mazda collector car models different variants offered payloads of up to two tonnes. A far more recent addition is this MX-5 Superlight concept from But who else wants to have it? This is one of MX-5 Coupes produced for the Japanese market in the early s. Reckon they should do another? The Mazda RX-7 you probably know. An even prettier paperweight. For another type of car nerd, though, this is the showstopper. Walter tells us many people come Mazda collector car models the museum just to see this particular car. The Freys bought it from Britain, with Markus travelling over and road-tripping around Cornwall before bringing it back. The RX-4 was also designed to meet some very stringent emissions regulations in Japan and America in the mid-seventies. Yet more rotary oddness. On the right, one of 16, rotary-powered pick-ups, only of them being tow trucks like this. Odder yet, this is — genuinely — a rotary-powered bus. Possibly our favourite car in the museum: Unable to help itself, Mazda wanted to slot a rotary engine into this, too. But its competitors protested and the Chantez ended up with a two-cylinder engine to meet Kei regulations of the time. Possibly our Albany ny topless favourite car in the museum. We want a go. This one just happens to have a bhp V6, too. A four-seat, four-door take on the Kei car regulations. Nonetheless, we still want one. It democratised rear-wheel-drive roadsters, bringing affordable prices and reliability to a part of the market that was previously pretty specialised. Inthis was driven over 9, miles from Hiroshima to...

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Here are 20 of the coolest cars we saw on our visit. This is the first motorized vehicle produced by Toyo Kogyo, the company we now know as the Mazda Motor Corporation. First introduced in , 11 years after the company was founded as a manufacturer of cork and machine tools, the Mazdago was a three-wheeled motorcycle-based truck with a half-ton payload capacity. It was sold not by Mitsubishi not Toyo Kogyo. Every vehicle Toyo Kogyo made carried the Mazda nameplate, but the company did not officially change its name until Mazda introduced its first four-wheel car in Transmission choices included a four-speed manual and a two-speed automatic. Two years after the R, Mazda introduced the Carol, which had the same length but a significantly longer wheelbase. Most unusual was the cc engine: It had four cylinders instead of the usual two, and its 1. The Carol was originally introduced as a two-door, with the four-door following soon after. Both featured an unusual reverse-slanted rear window. The coupe version of the Mazda called Familia in Japan may well show us the roots of the Zoom-Zoom persona that was to come. Italian-inspired styling and quick performance—its top speed of 90 MPH was hot stuff at the time—made it a hit with young buyers, but Mazda only built the coupe for two years. Mazda continued to build the Familia sedan and wagon until Mazda built three-wheeled commercial vehicles from the early s, and the four-wheel Bongo joined the lineup in Its rear-mounted cc engine developed 37 hp, and the early Bongo had a payload capacity of around 1, pounds. Along with the pickup version shown here, Mazda offered cargo and passenger vans. Though it has never been sold in the U. Two were imported in by Curtiss-Wright Aviation,...

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Mazda uses cookies in order to provide the best possible experience to users of this site. By continuing to use mazda. For a start, he owns a trio of special edition Mazda MX-5s. Mazdas are just alive to drive. I own a limited edition first anniversary MX-5 pictured , a 20th anniversary model, and a recently restored fifth anniversary edition. I also own more than die-cast Mazdas. We think you are in. Please select another Change Location. Mazda Austria Gesellschaft m. Mazda Motor Belux T: Mazda Motor Croatia d. Mazda Czech Republic T: Mazda Motor Danmark T: Mazda Motors Deutschland G. Mazda Motor Hungary Kft. Mazda Motor Ireland T: Mazda Motor Italia S. Marchetti , Roma, Italia Visit Website. Mazda Suisse SA T: Mazda Motor Norge T: Mazda Motor Logistics Europe Sp. Oddzial w Polsce T: Mazda Motor de Portugal Lda. Mazda Slovak Republic T: Mazda Motor Slovenija d. Mazda Automoviles Espana, S. Mazda Motor Sweden T: Mazda Motor Nederland T: Mazda Motor Logistics Europe N. Grand Motors Sendirian Berhad T: Mazda Motor China Co. Changan Mazda Automobile Co. Box , Suva, Fiji. Triple J Enterprises, Inc. Box , Tamuning, Guam. Eurokars Motor Indonesia T: Mazda Motor Corporation T: Keo Auto Group Co. Box , Kathmandu, Nepal. Mazda Motors of New Zealand Ltd. Box , Boroko, NCD Berjaya Auto Philippines Inc. Triple J Saipan, Inc. Box Saipan, MP Colonial Motors Ceylon Ltd T: Societe Tahitienne d'Automobiles T: Mazda Sales Thailand Co. Thrifty Auto Centre T: Stern Automotive Enterprises N. Auto Solutions Limited T: Importadora y Comercializadora Automotriz Alameda S. Importadora Y Distribuidora Alameda S. Mazda de Colombia S. Manuel Cordova Galarza Km. General de Vehiculos, S. Distribuidora de Automoviles S. Importaciones Ventas Exportaciones S. Compagnie Haitienne de Moteurs S. Grupo Q Honduras S. Importadora de Vehiculos, S. Box...

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Mazda collector car models

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Classifieds for Classic Mazda Vehicles. New listings are added daily. Mazda RX (CC) Mazda RX (CC) Mazda RX (CC) Mazda 5. (CC) Mazda RX (CC) Mazda RX (CC) Mazda Miata. (CC) Mazda Miata. (CC). I've tried to buy other cars but I've always regretted it. anniversary MX-5 (pictured), a 20th anniversary model, and a recently restored fifth anniversary edition. The spirit of Mazda owners, collectors, clubs and aficionados around the world. In its 96 year history, Mazda has created some of the world's favorite classic vehicles. Here are four classic Mazda models you should check out.

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