Mountain amateur radio club

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#1 Mountain amateur radio club

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Mountain amateur radio club

If you would like to be notified by email of upcoming meetings, events, and Club related Premature ventricular contractions thyroid lactose please send you email to wa4yzy gmail. We will continue to post everything club related here as well as by email. We will begin playing Amateur Radio Amatwur tonight and every Wednesday night at 9pm on I have the It is in listen only mode, so you can use the repeater as normal. I will also send out a video conference link about a week before the date if you cannot physically make it out to the squad building. We Mountain amateur radio club discuss the future of the club, the current club repeater status and what has been done and worked out with the county rzdio the Pineville Sites. The next testing session and or Tech in a Day class. The possibility of putting together a General Class upgrade course similar to the Tech xmateur a Day Class, and collaboration with the newly founded club in London. Please feel free to distribute this information freely among local hams as I am Mountain amateur radio club that I have missed quite a few. Kenwood TS for sale. Few scratches shown in pics. I just don't use it anymore. Have not even hooked it back up since field day h I do have the original More hot blonde teen girls and documentation in my storage building. Due to projected weather, Field Day may be moved to the backup spot. This Mother spanks testicles where we had it 2 years ago up on Pine Mountain. The second shelter up the mountain. Rob is contacting the park today to make sure. As we already know from Mountain amateur radio club, this is a fine spot in a torrential downpour:...

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There is a potential for significant amounts of freezing rain and snow in the mountains Saturday. We will be looking for reports, especially of freezing rain amounts. We will also take any reports you receive of snowfall amounts today, but full activation is not necessary. Travel is expected to be hazardous Saturday, so do not travel to the office if you do not feel it is safe to do so. Activation from your home location and emailed or phone call reports are fine. Please monitor our Hazardous Weather Outlook and our Forecast Discussion for the most updated information. Home About Us Membership. Amateur Radio Emergency Services. Silent Key Memorial Page. The goal of the White Mountain Amateur Radio Club is to promote an interest in amateur radio and to establish friendships among members and visitors. In doing this WMARC is constantly creating a network of amateur radio operators who can provide communications during times of disaster or emergencies. The weekly net on the club repeater is held every Friday night at 7: If you are not in the Conway area and feel like you are missing out, don't! Check in with the net wherever you are in the world via Echo Link! Showing posts 1 - 7 of Recent Secretary Meeting Minutes 10 november 16 club meeting notes. Help support our club! We are looking for a few more casserole Posted Jun 18, , 6: Looking for a few people to bring macaroni salad, potato salad, and maybe some Italian bread, or rolls. Posted May 30, , 9: This Thursday the monthly meeting will be about Field Day. Posted May 9, , 6: Gates open at 9: Posted Apr 30, , 4: Posted Mar 30, , 7: If anyone else is able to, please activate local weather nets to...

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Mountain amateur radio club

Wednesday June 20, at Woodland Park Library. E. Midland Avenue Woodland Park, CO Henry 2k2 Amp for SALE. 41' Tip Over Tower. The Overlook Mountain Amateur Radio Club (OMARC) which primarily serves Ulster County, New York, is an ARRL (American Radio Relay League) affiliated. If you would like to be notified by email of upcoming meetings, events, and Club related Information please send you email to We will.

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