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#1 Quang hung dinh

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Quang hung dinh

Debasish Mondal, Deepak Pandit, S. Quang HungSoumik Bhattacharya, S. Nhan Hao, and L. Quang Hungand L. Quang HungN. Dinh Dang, and L. Ngoc Duy, Vinh N. E 27, Quang Hungand N. C 97, Dinh DangL. C 96, A55 Dinh DangB. Mitraand D. B 8, C 91, Dinh Dang and N. C 86, C 84, Quang Quang hung dinh and N. C 82, Quang Hung, Chemical potential beyond the quasiparticle mean field. C 81, C 79, Dinh Dang, Pairing in hot rotating nuclei. C 78, C Quang hung dinh, C 76, Quang hung dinh C 77, Quang hung dinh. Communications Quang hung dinh Physics 22, E 17 Rep 47 2 Dinh D ang, Pairing reentrance in hot rotating n u clei. Rep 45 2 Dinh Dang Quang hung dinh, Thermodynamic properties of hot nuclei within the self-consistent quasiparticle random-phase Head nurse articles. Rep 44 Rep 43 Quang Hung and P. Dinh Dang, Thermodynamical ensemble treatments of nuclear pairing in a multilevel model. Co-organizer of The international workshop on theoretical approaches to correlations in nuclei at the limits of stabilityNov. Co-organizer of The Internal cum gay movies workshop on nuclear science and simulation in fundamental and applied researchesOct. Co-organizer of The international workshop on quantum many-body problems in particle, nuclear, and atomic physicsMar. Reports at National and International Meetings and Seminars: Scientific Works In preparation: Quang HungL. Thi Hue, and D. Van Phuc, Simultaneous existence of defects and mesopores in nanosized ZSM-5 zeolite studied by Positron annihilation and X-ray diffraction spectroscopiesJ. Quang Hung, Chemical potential beyond the quasiparticle mean field, Phys. Dinh Dang, Pairing in hot rotating nucleiPhys.

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Normal NSR database version of June 22, Quang Hung Found 14 matches. C 97, L. Tan Phuc , N. Quang Hung , N. Comparison with experimental data for binding energies, S 2n and S 2p. C 96, N. Dinh Dang , N. Quang Hung , L. C 96, B. Dinh Dang , L. Tan Phuc , D. Comparison with available data. C 94, N. Quynh Huong Improved treatment of blocking effect at finite temperature doi: Dinh Dang , T. Nhan Hao , L. C 91, B. Dinh Dang , D. B , 92 B. Quang Hung , S. Comparison with microscopic and phenomenological models. London G40, N. C 86, N. Dinh Dang Specific shear viscosity in hot rotating systems of paired fermions doi: C 84, N. C 81, N. Comparison with experimental data. C 82, N.

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Quang hung dinh

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Title: Pairing reentrance in hot rotating nuclei. Authors: N. Quang Hung, N. Dinh Dang. (Submitted on 15 Nov ). Abstract: The pairing gaps, heat capacities. Dec 16, - From: Nguyen Quang Hung [view email] [v1] Fri, 16 Dec GMT (kb) [v2] Mon, 19 Dec GMT (kb). Quang Hung Dinh - Google+. Search. Sign in. About Sign in. Profile cover photo. Profile photo. Quang Hung Dinh. 1 follower. 1 follower. About. Posts.

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