Reseaech for hiv aids

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#1 Reseaech for hiv aids

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Reseaech for hiv aids

It is a highly evolved virus which has grasped the attention of all researchers with its special features like morphology, genetics Sarah mclachlan naked also by its emerging nature. The special feature of all retro viruses is the presence of an enzyme called Reverse transcriptase which plays major role in reverse transcription process. Current Research deals with morphology and genetic alterations of HIV with main focus on infection, transmission, replication, reverse transcription, diagnosis, vaccine research, immunological Redeaech, prevention and treatment techniques, etc. It is an international platform to the authors to share their updated research work across the world. Current Research accepts all article types include research, review, case report, short communication, special wids, commentaries and clinical images. Current Research is an open access, peer-reviewed, scholarly journal that maintains high standards of scientific excellence and ensures rapid peer review process through Editorial Manager System with the help of eminent editorial board members. Authors may submit manuscripts and track their progress through the Editorial Manager system. Readers can access recent improvements of HIV research and disseminate knowledge for better understanding of virus. Diagnosis of Reseaech for hiv aids Immunodeficiency Virus can be performed by various bio-chemical aidw. Body fluids like saliva, urine or serum of suspected individuals should be collected for the detection of RNA, antibodies or antigens. Diagnoses through antibody detection tests are specially designed biochemical techniques which are extremely accurate and inexpensive. Transmission of HIV occurs through certain body fluids of infected person which includes blood, semen, vaginal fluids, rectal secretions, breast milk, etc. HIV generally transmits by sex, blood transfusion and organ transplantation if proper care has not taken. HIV Reseaech for hiv aids transfers from infected mother to child at the time of pregnancy and also through breast Reseaech for hiv aids which is called mother...

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Researchers highlight unanswered questions 9 hours ago. Dolutegravir durable with high rates of viral suppression in people who experienced virological failure with older integrase inhibitors 09 July HIV treatment is not a cure, but it is keeping millions of people well. Start learning about it in this section. In this section we have answered some of the questions you might have if you have just found out you have HIV. Antiretroviral drugs chart A one-page reference guide to the anti-HIV drugs licensed for use in the European Union, with information on formulation, dosing, key side-effects and food restrictions. Our award-winning series of booklets, with each title providing a comprehensive overview of one aspect of living with HIV. A range of interactive tools to support people living with HIV to get involved in decisions about their treatment and care. Short factsheets, providing a summary of key topics. Particularly useful when looking for information on a specific issue, rather than exploring a wider topic. Two studies have recently been published on suicide in people with HIV. In men living with HIV, the rate of suicide was twice that of the general population. In women living with HIV, it was the same as in the general population. Now French researchers have looked at the same issue. Whereas the numbers of suicides in people with HIV went down during the s as medical treatments improved, they found that the rate does not seem to have changed since the early s. They found that suicide was associated with mental health problems and other factors that were not directly related to HIV. On the other hand, HIV-related factors — such as a low CD4 cell count, having been diagnosed with AIDS, or viral load — were not associated with an increased risk of suicide. There...

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A body of scientific evidence has shown that men who are circumcised are less likely to contract HIV than men who are uncircumcised. Post-exposure prophylaxis refers to taking some drugs quickly after being exposed to HIV, while the virus is in a person's body but before the virus has established itself. In both cases, the drugs would be the same as those used to treat persons with HIV, and the intent of taking the drugs would be to eradicate the virus before the person becomes irreversibly infected. Post-exposure prophylaxis is recommended in anticipated cases of HIV exposure, such as if a nurse somehow has blood-to-blood contact with a patient in the course of work, or if someone without HIV requests the drugs immediately after having unprotected sex with a person who might have HIV. Pre-exposure prophylaxis is sometimes an option for HIV-negative persons who feel that they are at increased risk of HIV infection, such as an HIV-negative person in a serodiscordant relationship with an HIV-positive partner. Current research in these agents include drug development, efficacy testing, and practice recommendations for using drugs for HIV prevention. The within-host dynamics of HIV infection include the spread of the virus in vivo, the establishment of latency, the effects of immune response on the virus, etc. A study with SIV found that the virus initially establishes a reservoir in the gut. The virus infection provokes an inflammatory response of paneth cells in the intestine, helping to spread the virus by causing tissue damage. The findings offer new pointers for potential future treatments, testing biomarkers , and help to explain the virus resistance to antiviral therapies. Research to improve current treatments includes decreasing side effects of current drugs, further simplifying drug regimens to improve adherence, and determining better sequences of regimens to manage drug...

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Reseaech for hiv aids

Diagnosis of HIV

HIV/AIDS research includes all medical research that attempts to prevent, treat, or cure HIV/AIDS, as well as fundamental research about the nature of HIV as an infectious agent and AIDS as the disease caused by HIV.‎Transmission · ‎Management of HIV/AIDS · ‎Age acceleration effects · ‎HIV vaccine. May 20, - Research to find a cure for HIV/AIDS is also one of NIH's overarching HIV/AIDS research priorities. In , President Obama announced that. Videos: Our Research Roadmap A Potential New Target for Eradication of HIV Reservoirs amfAR-Funded Researchers Look to Antibodies to Cure HIV.

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