Shabby chic outdoor planters

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#1 Shabby chic outdoor planters

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Shabby chic outdoor planters

Call it rustic, vintage or shabby-chic style, but when you get creative with containers, you create a focal point and a talking point for your porch and garden. Simply wrap securely with jute Shabby chic outdoor plantersknot at the top and attach to a chain with cjic S-hook. You can take the extra step of drilling drainage holes with a drill bit for ceramics. Or just be extra careful not to overwater. Look for cast-offs, like this beat-up bread box, and fill with blooms. Want flower power without a lot of work? Selections will vary by store. Boxes and crates of all sorts make handy plant containers. Seek unique boxes at antique markets and secondhand stores. Be sure to line the interior of llanters box with plastic sheeting before filling with plants. The new Sea Mist shade is the perfect backdrop for creeping Jenny and calibrachoa in a basket. And speaking of succulents, shallow containers like this tackle box are perfect for sedums and succulents. Line the container with plastic first then fill in with soilless potting mix designed for succulents and cacti. This dense mat can be easily cut or pulled apart and divided into the compartments of the tackle box. Pinterest is filled with repurposed, galvanized oudtoor containers like this coal hod. Get your own Shabby chic outdoor planters metal collection started with utility tubsbeverage tubs and buckets. With any luck, a thrifted wheelbarrow may be rusted through enough to provide drainage holes. Keep watered to Shabby chic outdoor planters the Shabby chic outdoor planters at its peak. No worries about drainage when you use a colander like this bright yellow enamelware chif. Use jute twine and S-hooks to attach the colander and fill with a small Drop-N-Bloom container of purslane or similar trailing flower. Reach for edibles...

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Shabby chic outdoor planters


Browse our full range below, where you'll find large plant pots suitable for your garden, as well as window sill planters, herb boxes, and shabby chic glass and. 20%ON SALE Shabby style, Big Metal pail, Tin bucket, Galvanized bucket, Large Metal planter, Metal pot with embossed Flowers & garden. kameliyadecor. Call it rustic, vintage or shabby chic style. When you get creative with containers, you create a focal point and a talking point for your porch and garden.

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