Sports and pat on the butt

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#1 Sports and pat on the butt

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Sports and pat on the butt

Life provides turning points of many kinds, but the most powerful of all may be character-revealing moments. Sports and pat on the butt by Psychology Today. What would I say in S;orts talk on leadership to a professional sports team, Kaitlynn Myers, a Yale psychology student, asked me in an email. How to answer her Sport all I've been thinking about since. It's usually people from sports that are brought into coach business groups, not the other way around. Lou Holtz, former coach of Notre Dame, is a fixture on the business lecture circuit, Hot fuck music video I don't believe the steel industry's turnaround artist Wilbur Ross has ever been brought in to address a struggling football team. We hear often of inspiring speeches in the locker room, but they're a rare occurrence in the conference room. Nevertheless, I think there is a quite a bit that neuroscience might teach sports teams Sports and pat on the butt leadership, and Sports and pat on the butt first thing is not to pay too much attention to talks. Sure, people like me might offer some provocative ideas, such as that most of what we take for granted about leadership is simply wrong. But it takes more than an entertaining hour to improve performance. According to neuroscience, performance, even when physical, starts with what goes on in people's heads. But just like physical conditioning, mental conditioning takes repetition. The more neurons fire together, the more they wire together, as neuroscientists like to say. Perfecting a skill requires attention and focus, and with enough practice, execution becomes unconscious and automatic. Yet every athlete knows that too much thinking hampers performance. When it's time to perform, we've got to shut down the yabbering in our heads and totally immerse ourselves in the...

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Shrimp scallop noodle casserole

Vendors hawking peanuts and beer. And grown men slapping each other on the ass. At first blush, it seems strange that the hetero bros of Major League Baseball congratulate each with a loving but totally not gay pat on the ass, but such is life in the wonderful world of baseball. The practice is so ingrained in the sport and in sports, in general that most players participate in it unwittingly. They give and receive ass pats without any acknowledgement of the underlying implications. Or as I like to call it: When Dodgers outfielder Dusty Baker slapped hands above the waist, of course with rookie teammate Glenn Burke , after Baker homered in the last game of the season. Almost instantly, the high five became a phenomenon as an expression of raw, unbridled enthusiasm. In a strange and depressing twist indicative of the time period, Burke was later shipped from the team for being gay, despite being beloved by his teammates and the life of the Dodgers clubhouse. He died in due to complications related to HIV. The article identifies the Penn State defenders as outliers for not emphatically slapping each other on the ass. In terms of the NFL, Ron Jaworski was apparently a famous ass-slapper during his storied run as the Philadelphia Eagles quarterback to In , during their World Series championship run, the Chicago Cubs simultaneously subverted and elevated the homosocial butt-slapping ritual by trading it out for the dick bump. That the Cubs players felt comfortable slapping cocks speaks to the counterintuitive rules governing masculinity in sports. But in the sporting context, men are allowed to cry. All these social norms seem to be suspended once you get into the locker room, or take the field. A possible explanation is basketball, baseball and football are...

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Mojoflix sexy natasha

I was watching a basketball game featuring my favorite team. It was a thrilling game; the scores were tied with 10 seconds remaining on the clock. The players began celebrating. The hero of the game rushed to the bench, pumping his fist and giving high-fives. While doing this, his teammates started slapping him on the butt, one after another. And so I began to wonder. What is the origin of the butt slap? Why is it only done in sports? Do guys slapping each other on their behinds gain a boost in confidence or something? As you may very well know, this gesture is very common in different sports, even those played by big and tough men like football. Can you imagine what these big dudes say to each other, or more interestingly, what they feel while giving and receiving a butt slap? To provide you with a little bit of useful information, some say that there is science behind butt slapping. It is said that it has similarities with horseracing, where jockeys whip their horses to encourage them to go faster. But then again, some studies claim that whipping horses does not increase their chances of finishing first, second or whatever. There is actually a limit to the number of times a jockey can whip a horse. The same goes with butt slapping. So I thought it was a natural thing for sportsmen. That realization sparked another question in my mind. But in any case, the butt slap is here and here to stay. For beginners, if you want to avoid people questioning your manhood or if you want to hide your real intentions, you must learn these unspoken rules of butt slapping. This is the number one rule. A butt slap should always be a quick tap. Make...

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Elegant mature english cunts

Why do players slap each other's butts self. I always see NBA players slapping each other on the butts. Why can't they just normally give high fives? Is this an old NBA tradition that has to be carried on by the new generation players by slapping each other's butts? Saying something is more difficult, you could be out of breath, the arena is loud, they have to concentrate to hear you, you could end up repeating yourself, all in all not the best. So all that's left is a smack on the body. Above the shoulders is stupid, arms and body can sting, legs are too low. The bum is at standard hand height, has enough mass that it won't hurt, and you can give them a decent smack so they know how much you appreciate it. This is how you know OP just hasn't played sports. It's just a thing that's done man. Should Boogie have high-fived Embiid instead of slapping his ass?? Hell no, that cute shit doesnt fly on the court. It's damn near essential in a team sport to get some slap ass in, smh some people just don't get it. Because if you high five, there's a chance you'll interlock your fingers and now you have to hold hands for the rest of the game. What I find funny, even more so than the butt slapping, is how they gently touch each other's lower backs. It always seems so intimate. I see where you're coming from. I played rep basketball growing up AA but I only high fived people. Only the coaches would slap players asses, my teammates never did it to each other. It would have felt weird. Almost all of my teammates were eastern European or muslims though, so that might've had something...

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Threesome melissa etheridge free chords

The judge rejected his plea bargain, which would have kept Johnson out of jail, after she took offense to Johnson playfully tapping his lawyer on the butt. I just saw you slap your attorney on the backside. Is there something funny about this? I'm not going to accept these plea negotiations. This isn't a joke. Why do athletes do that? A freshman tennis player told her that the meaning of the butt slap is pretty open-ended depending on the context and relationship between slapper and slappee. You been working out? A freshman lacrosse player explained that the butt slap was just a variation of the congratulatory shoulder or back slap, moved lower as a reflection of the intimacy between two players. A freshman football player also thought that the gesture was congratulatory, and theorized that it suited the needs of players on the field. In some parts of the world, though, even a slap during a game is too risque. In , two Iranian soccer players were suspended and received pay cuts for a butt slap during a match. You can be pronounced or declared dead. Each state in the USA has its own statutes that cover this. Typically a doctor or nurse can pronounce, and everyone else police officers, EMTs, firefighters will declare death. This is the amount of time that has elapsed since a person's biological processes have stopped and they were pronounced dead. We use several methods to determine this—rigor mortis, algor mortis, palor mortis, stage of decomposition, insect activity, etc. But any estimate given is in a time span of several hours to days. It is not like TV and movies where they narrow it down to minutes. But the time listed on your death certificate is the time you were pronounced. If you were in...

Sports and pat on the butt

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Oct 6, - What is the origin of the butt slap? Why is it only done in sports? Do guys slapping each other on their behinds gain a boost in confidence or. Jun 13, - A freshman tennis player told her that the meaning of the butt slap is so, the fencer thought, “likewise with sports, men need to commune and. I always see NBA players slapping each other on the butts. It's damn near essential in a team sport to get some slap ass in, smh some people  The first man to attempt a butt slap during sports was extremely.

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