Valmont tower erection using a slede

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#1 Valmont tower erection using a slede

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Valmont tower erection using a slede

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This is a continuation-in-part application of application Ser. This invention relates to a method and means for mounting a wind turbine on the upper end of a supporting tower and more particularly to a method and means wherein the wind turbine is winched up the length of the tower on a carriage or sled which rolls along a pair of guide rails positioned on opposite sides of the tower. Wind turbines are becoming more popular in the production of electrical energy. The wind turbine assembly normally comprises a rotor-driven generator or turbine mounted atop a tower which may reach heights of 70 meters or more. The tower is normally first erected and the wind turbine is then mounted on the upper end of the tower by means of an extremely large crane. The customary method of mounting the wind turbine on the upper end of the tower is quite expensive in that the extremely large crane used for positioning the wind turbine on the upper end of the tower is very expensive and it is costly to have such a crane on site during the erection procedure. Thus, it is advantageous to be able to mount the wind turbine on the upper end of the tower without the use of the extremely large crane. In the application Ser. Although the method and means described in the above-identified application represents a significant advance in the art, the instant invention is believed to be a further advance in the art. A method and means for mounting a wind turbine on a vertically disposed tower is disclosed wherein the tower has upper and lower ends with the tower having a pair of guide rails positioned on opposite sides of the tower which extend between the upper and lower ends thereof. A turbine support,...

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Valmont tower erection using a slede

Valmont High-Mast Light Towers

"The positive impacts of cost savings associated with last year's restructuring, productivity Poles, towers and components for the global lighting, traffic and wireless . The Company's slide presentation to be used by management for the call is wireless communication, electric transmission, and industrial construction and. The tower is provided with a pair of guide rails positioned on opposite sides Valmont Industries Inc; Original Assignee: Valmont Industries Inc; Priority date so that the sled may be used for the erection of other wind turbine assemblies. Pulstar Wireless Solutions provides a variety of Valmont Site Pro products for +; Service/Installation/ Enclosures . Valmont Industries is a 3 Billion Dollar multi-national manufacturing company with plants in 26 countries and In they added Pirod, a Plymouth, IN manufacturer of solid rod towers and site components.

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