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#1 Vintage sindy dolls

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Vintage sindy dolls

By using this site you agree to the use of cookies. Find out more about our cookie policy. There is 39 dolls all together, thats 3 x Sindy's, 1 x ken, 35 x Barbie's and 3 x children. Sindys, shower which is selective to working! All in excellent condition, Do i look asian owner. Doll has come apart Vintage sindy dolls the waist All clean and in good condition with fasteners etc. Vintage Sindy wardrobe, boxed dresser and boxed sideboard. Small selection of accessories too as shown in photo Sideboard is missing legs Collection only. Sindy 4 storey house with working lift. House with some furniture only for sale. Made Official girl by cassie and lil wayne generations of children happy! Selection of Sindy furniture and some pieces for the Sindy doll's house. One leg on cabinet missing and pole on sun table broken. Sindy dolls house armchair,cushion and side table with miniature phone, Vintage sindy dolls an Vintage sindy dolls, book and dish. Used, but in Vintage sindy dolls condition. Sindy dolls house bed with valance,duvet cover and pillow. The bed head has yellowed a little with age - it was bought 35 years ago. Vintage Sindy doll bedroom furniture including wardrobe with origianal drawers and hangers,bed with mattress and original cover. Slight discoloration in areas due. Hasbro Rick mitchell porn doll brand new in box. She is a Magic Eyes doll. A lever makes her eyes move sideways. A chance to buy a doll in the lovely dresses they used to have. Hard to find top quality toy. In good condition though shows sign of previous flooding as shown in pictures! Still sturdy and great for kids to play with, my 2 have grown out of this. Close the cookie policy warning Doolls using this...

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She has soft vinyl arms that you are able to bend, but they will not hold a pose, and hard hollow legs and torso. Three hair colours were available, blonde, auburn chestnut and brunette. This is her only marking her torso is not marked. She now has heavy vinyl legs with a wire inside them so she is now able to pose and soft vinyl poseable arms with a wire inside. She has a smaller head than the normal Hong Kong doll shown above and this head tends to wobble about a little but she has very beautiful hair that looks like a bubble with a fringe. The head is not marked. She has smaller very hard arms and legs, than the doll pictured above. Sindy shoes are to big for her and fall from her little feet. Hair colours available are blonde, auburn and brunette. This doll pictured here is referred to as the Marilyn Sindy by collectors because of her platinum blonde hair and bright red lips. Her head was made from a new vinyl, This vinyl tends to pale very badly. Sindy has rounder eyes than the previous dolls and her hair is very fragile and tends to go wooly. She is also available in brunette and auburn. The New Look Sindy was made in and now has a new style Sindy body with a twist waist and slightly longer legs and the body is not marked. She now has a new hairstyle parted on the left hand side, longer in length and styled in a flip and she now has real eyelashes. Hair colours available are Blonde, platinum, brunette and auburn. Walking Sindy was made in and is the tallest of all the Sindy dolls,, she is the same as the side part sindy but with...

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To see what we have updated in the Museum, check out our " What's new at the Museum " page. Vote for our site! Please vote our website if you have enjoyed your visit to our museum. Hello and welcome to Our Sindy Museum. We launched this website on Monday 6th September to celebrate the "official" 47th birthday of Pedigree's most famous teenage doll, Sindy. We decided to build an online reference site for her because as anyone who has ever collected the Pedigree Sindy doll knows, collecting Sindy can sometimes be very difficult. Pedigree made toys and probably didn't foresee that one day they would become collectors' items in their own right. This means that the Sindy leaflets, brochures and trade catalogues are not always complete, correct or detailed enough for the serious collector. Fabrics and items were sometimes changed after the literature had been printed in order that the company could ship the product. This problem isn't just confined to Sindy; almost every toy collector can tell you a similar story. It can therefore be very difficult to establish what the outfit or the accessory looked like, or what came with it. What we have tried to do therefore, is research each item very carefully. Wherever possible we have tried to describe it first hand from our own collections or from what our friends have told us about their collections. It was a huge task just to get to where we are but over the next few months we hope to add additional galleries to cover the rest of the s and s. We don't have everything and we won't always get it right, but the idea is that if we can work collaboratively, we can pool our knowledge and create a definitive as far as it can...

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There seems to be a problem completing the request at present. Relive your childhood with a collectable vintage Sindy doll, or surprise your daughter with something new to play with from this great range. You'll find loads of vintage Sindy dolls with loads of different Sindy clothes and accessories , so you're sure to find a doll you or your little ones will love. The first Sindy dolls were released in and featured short bobbed hair with a fringe in blonde, auburn and brunette. Since then, Sindy's hair has gone through many different transformations, many of which you may come across in this range. Sindy's eyes are also a distinctive feature, as many come with the signature side glance. This gives the dolls a cute expression that works with Sindy's "girl next door" design. For a sophisticated Sindy, look out for the version, with side-parted hair and real eyelashes for a more grown-up appearance. If you're looking for a poseable Sindy for your collection, keep an eye out for a Lovely Lively Sindy, with moveable joints that can be placed in a number of positions. An unusual doll from the late s is the Sweet Dreams Sindy with real closing eyes. Available with either blonde or brown hair, this Sindy was released with a number of adorable outfits and would make a great new addition to your collection of vintage dolls. For a really cool collector's find, look out for the Magic Moments Sindy, which uses colour-changing technology to switch up the shades of Sindy's hair and swimming costume when placed in warm water. As well as the famous Sindy, you might also find her younger sister Patch to add to your collection, along with Sindy's friends Vicki and Mitzi, and her boyfriend Paul, so you can collect the whole...

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Vintage sindy dolls

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Results - of - Vintage Sindy Hasbro Doll Party Lights NRFB VINTAGE MARX SINDY DOLL ARM CHAIR - NOT IN ORIGINAL BOX. This Sindy. s Sindy dolls by pedigree. Sindy Dolls information page for s dolls The very first Sindy doll was Made in England from up until by . My Sindy, sindy doll, Fashion doll outfits, vintage, doll, centre part, centrepart. Sindy Doll accessories. West End, Hampshire. Vintage Sindy wardrobe, boxed dresser and boxed sideboard. Small selection of accessories too as shown in.

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